Luther Forest Technology Campus Springs into Action

With the snow melted and spring finally here, there is a whole new level of activity at Luther Forest Technology Campus (LFTC). We would like to update you on where things are at this point.

Roadwork is back up again, and contractors are back on campus continuing their work from last year. As part of the road package awarded last year, the 30-inch water main is continuing to be installed and in early April the sewer main will begin construction. To sign up for more information on contracting updates, please visit the LFTC “Contact Us” page

The bids are in process for the LFTC substation, and there is a separate bid for the underground overhead transition station. The innovative plans for these facilities make it possible to avoid disrupting the natural surroundings as much as possible. In mid-late April, these bids will be released and National Grid approved contractors will be able to pursue them.

Spring will be a very busy time at LFTC with new Requests for Proposals (RFPs) being developed and issued in mid April, May and June. Please monitor the RFP site at to see notices about opportunities to bid. Specifically, in mid- April there will be a Property Development and Construction Advisory Services RFP.

We are excited to see everything in motion again and will be working with the local communities and companies to continue building the foundation for what will be one of the world’s most innovative, high-tech campuses in the world.

Michael Relyea, Esq.
Luther Forest Technology Campus EDC